Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins


701 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Texas Bar Number: 24038947
Year admitted to bar: 2003

Counties Covered
  • dallas
  • denton
  • johnson
  • tarrant

About Me and My Legal Philosophy I Look for Challenges I have always enjoyed a challenge both personally and professionally. We all face various adversity in life, and I chose to face obstacles head-on. For example, when I was young, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout is the highest achievement of rank in the Boy Scouts, and only 4% of the Boy Scouts ever achieve it. Similarly, I chose to go to law school to see if I was up to the challenge of not just studying the law, a subject I found to be fascinating, but also sitting for the bar exam which is known to be one of the toughest professional entrance exams. Not only did I enjoy it, but I also ended up graduating from law school early and with honors. Pragmatic Legal Approach My goal is to give my clients a road map to obtaining the best solution to their legal problems. I assist clients by navigating them through a complicated legal system, and I take a practical perspective to the law. I put my client’s financial situation at the forefront of our practice because I firmly believe my clients should receive honest, professional, and affordable legal representation. I understand most people are emotionally involved in their legal case and react emotionally, which often results in wrong choices that cost them more money, time, and plenty of frustration. My goal is to separate my clients from their emotions so they can make the best decision for the success of their case as I fight to make sure they have the best options available. Why I love being a lawyer A single mother was on the verge of losing her two children due to her ex-husband finding out she had an invalid driver’s license. The Judge asked her how she expects to be able to take her children to and from school, doctor visits, and provide for them when she is unable to legally drive because her license was suspended. She was in fear of getting pulled over for any reason and ending up with more fines or going to jail. How would she provide for her children? How could you pay additional fines? What would happen to the children if she went to jail? She needed someone to hear her situation, alleviate the fear, and fight for her. That’s when she contacted Hawkins & Walker. I was able to get her an Occupational Driver’s License in less than two weeks, just in time for her next court date in Family Court. She no longer lives in fear, and she is confidently driving, knowing she can provide for her and her children’s future.