Truckers 'scarce and under-utilized at the same time' -- how can that possibly be?

Nov 20, 2021

In the midst of a global supply chain crisis, MIT's Dr. David Correll and his colleagues have been researching why in the world long-haul truckers only average 6.5 to 7 hours of driving per day. Dr. Correll, research scientist and lecturer, focuses his studies on the working experience of the American long-haul trucker through the MIT FreightLab Driver Initiative.

"We're facing it, and we can't figure it out,” he said. “We look a lot at ELD data. We see drivers getting around six and a half to seven hours driving a day on average. So there's a lot of hours left on the table. ... And we see that, yet we read the news and the news says, 'Oh, there's a big truck driver shortage! There's a big truck driver shortage!' I don't understand how something can be both scarce and underutilized at the same time. If we're so short on drivers, why aren't drivers getting all the miles they want?”

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Posted by: Pat Monks