Ticket-fighting app was engaged in unauthorized law practice, top state court rules

Nov 20, 2021

An app that connected traffic-ticket defendants with lawyers was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a 4-3 decision.

The court ruled against the now-defunct company, TIKD Services, and nonlawyer Christopher Riley, its founder and CEO.

Law360, the Legal Profession Blog, the Associated Press and Bloomberg Law have coverage of the Oct. 14 decision.

Drivers using the TIKD app uploaded pictures of their traffic tickets, paid TIKD a fixed percentage of the ticket’s face value, and had their contact information forwarded to a licensed attorney who received a flat fee from TIKD to provide the ticket defense. TIKD paid all costs associated with defending the case and gave a full refund if points were assessed against a driver’s license.

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Posted by: Pat Monks