Reopening Texas Courts: Plans and Challenges for Resuming In-Person Court Proceedings

Jun 27, 2021

Judge Maricela Moore outlines the challenges of reopening Texas courthouses and what measures are being taken to ensure the safety of those involved.

As Texas has lightened its COVID-related restrictions ahead of many other states, courts around the state are making plans to or have already opened their doors to resume in-person court proceedings. As this process moves forward, how are jurors, litigants, and the many other people involved kept safe? State Bar of Texas podcast host Rocky Dhir talks with Judge Maricela Moore about what her court, the George Allen Courthouse in Dallas, is doing to ensure safety and what challenges they face related to changing mandates, individual juror concerns, and many other considerations. Judge Moore also discusses the use of Zoom, her take on its role in the future of the judiciary, and when she thinks it does and doesn’t work for court proceedings.

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Posted by: Pat Monks