DataQs: Efforts to make truckers more than just victims of the inspection, crash review process

Jun 13, 2021

That's a quote from bulk hauler Payne Trucking's safety director, Chris Haney, one of two speakers on a panel moderated by Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills in February on the particular process Haney referred to. Namely, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's DataQs system for correcting errors in data around inspections and associated violations, as well as recordable crashes. A big sticking point for carriers when it comes DataQs has always been the perception, often enough a reality, that the review process is biased against them. When appeals of inspections, for instance, are handled by the department or even the actual officer who issued the violation or handled the crash, carriers feel the deck is stacked against an impartial review.

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Posted by: Pat Monks