DMV Virtual Hearings For A NYC Traffic Ticket Have Arrived

May 16, 2021

The New York State DMV Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) is now using virtual hearings for motorists (and their traffic ticket attorneys) who plead not guilty to a New York City traffic ticket. It appears that it intends to go virtual permanently and they are currently being offered at all TVB locations. This article will discuss the details of fighting your New York City traffic ticket via an online platform but a big caveat is needed upfront. Specifically, the transition to virtual hearing is under legal attack by the Association Of Motor Vehicle Trial Attorneys, Inc (AMVTA), a not-for-profit group of traffic lawyers. Matthew Weiss (the head of Weiss & Associates, PC) is the President of the AMVTA and leading the charge to undo this transition. If the AMVTA lawsuit is successful, the TVB will have to return to holding in-person hearings.

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Posted by: Pat Monks