Trucking regs in the fold in 2021: Carriers’ insurance minimums, driver classification, speed limiters and more

Feb 06, 2021

This two-part series takes a look at what might be in store for trucking and motor carriers in 2021. This first installment details what regulations fleets can expect to see action on in the coming year. The second installment will cover expectations for freight demand, rates and the economy in 2021. Read it next week.

What could be on tap for trucking regulations in 2021? With a new administration in the White House, new leadership at the U.S. DOT, and Democratic control of both chambers of Congress, the environment in Washington will likely be decidedly more regulation-friendly than in the Trump era. Here’s a look at regulations that could be up for consideration in 2021 under that altered landscape:

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Posted by: Pat Monks