Can we just skip the 2nd half of this year and go straight to ’21?

Jun 28, 2020

So, it cannot get any worse.  You wanna bet?  Within the last 90 days I seen my country go through two major National disasters.  Do not know which one is worse.  So, let me take them one at a time.

The pandemic:  We opened Texas for business on June 1st..  Are Covid 19 cases have been under control through March when the State was shut down. The massive tent hospital that was assembled in March near the football stadium was discontinued.  Testing continued which showed a steady slow growth in numbers.  The numbers even indicated that the growth rate had leveled off. 

Then the George Floyd incident occurred on May 25th, 2020 when Minneapolis officer murdered Mr. Floyd.  The video of the officer putting his knee on Floyd’s neck has changed the face of law enforcement in the U.S.   NO ONE DESERVED TO DIE LIKE THAT.  The autopsies results vary, but the knee on the neck was a precipitating cause of the death.  And it was a horrible vision of Government power oppressing citizen’s rights in this country.  That coupled with the fact the deceased was black and the officer was white brought about a perfect storm of the racism issue in this county.   The officers were charged with homicide which has changed things substantially.

Across the U.S., protest popped up in all major cities.  These protest lead to looting and riots.  Most of the looting and riots was instigated by far left antifa groups.  The real protest was lost in the mayhem. Billions of dollars were lost for local businesses which will not be recovered.  The liberal movement defund the police took on a new meaning.  The liberal Bail reform movement had gained momentum last year throughout this country.  There has been a movement to end a cash bail system for years.  Many federal courts have found local bail practices in violation of the constitution and imposed a presumption of release standard on sheriff’s and jails.

This movement, coupled with the defund the police and the black lives matter movements, have catapulted the most liberal agenda to defund or eliminate some city police agencies.   The police duties were absorbed into the County governments responsibility.  But the success of the defund police movement, took on a meaning not expected.  The purpose of the movement was to shift funding to other progressive causes.  Instead, some city councils have eliminated the budgets of the entire police organizations of that community.  Which forces residents to fend for themselves.

So, what is the net result of all this horror?  Guns, Guns and more ammunition.  The Gun legal plan’s membership has gone through the roof.  Their memberships have grown as fast as Legal expense in Europe.  Licensing for CHL permits cannot be processed fast enough.  Americans are arming themselves as allowed by the 2nd amendment of the constitution.

Let us get back to Covid 19.  Houston Texas had the most successful organized protest for George Floyd on June 2nd the day after Texas opened for business.  The protest had 60,000 attendees with only two arrest during the event.  There was no destruction of property.   George Floyd attended high School in Houston and called Houston his home.   He had a troubled life and had been arrested on several criminal charges over the years.  But at the same time, he had a funeral like a Chief of State.  His death had made him a hero. And his death is used for political reasons like I have not seen before.   

Unfortunately, the large number of crowds at the protest spiked the Covid 19 cases in Houston Substantially.  Houston is on target to be the largest city of Covid 19 cases.  The death rate is still relatively remote.  But ICU units are filling up, and the county hospital has just been closed for new patients.  We will need that tent hospital reopened by the Football stadium soon.   It appears if the numbers continue to spike at a higher rate in Texas, the Governor will have no option but to shut us down and isolate the people.  Our economy is surviving.  The unemployment rate is far less than expected.  Some businesses are thriving, while others are dying on the vines.  Everyone is planning for the great comeback after Covid 19 leaves our shores. But will it ever leave us?  Courts are currently operating, but at a minimal capacity.  And there is very little legal business in most sectors except Bankruptcy.   Bankruptcy, gun licenses and personal fitness trainers are booming.  

Now about November?  And about Donald Trump.  There is no talking about Donald Trump at all.   This country has not been this polarized for an election since  1968 during the Vietnam War.  Covid 19 has brought the argument for mail in ballots which this State is not prepared to handle because of the possibility of fraud from the voting list.  Anything can happen.  Hell, I may get elected as a write in candidate.    But I would like to fast forward the rest of this year and start again in 2021.  That comment that my Dad would say “I’ll knock you into next year” now is wishful thinking.

Posted by: Pat Monks