A message from Tim Rusk

Apr 21, 2020

Greetings Colleagues!  I am sending this email because I am very concerned about the heavy toll that the Coronavirus pandemic is taking on all of us.  I wish to share spiritual advice on coping with life that has saved my life and empowered me to cope with every challenge in my life.  I have often shared it with friends and clients in distress.

To elaborate, my life hit rock bottom right after I graduated from college in 1981.  I was broke, unemployed, and had lost hope.  I then found God, and then discovered spiritual principles that have empowered me to cope with the most difficult trials in life.  I call it a formula for coping.   I am a Christian, so this formula is based on The Bible, but the spiritual principles in this formula apply to most every faith.  

Last December I felt moved to create a Youtube channel that explains these principles on how to cope with life.  The Channel is called "Using the Bible as Our Guide in Life."  It consists of 4 videos that range from 2 to 11 minutes.  They should be watched in chronological order. I have enclosed the link.

I am sending this link out to friends and colleagues because you may know someone who is having difficulty coping with life right now.  You may want to forward this link to them.

Just FYI, I did not design the videos to be entertaining or feel good.  I was hoping they would go viral to get the message out to a mass audience.  I realize now that is not going to happen.  I discovered that Youtube videos do have to be entertaining to go viral.  But if these videos help just one person cope with life or prevent one suicide, then all the work that went into creating the channel was worth it.

I hope you are doing well during this Coronavirus crisis.  Have faith and we will all get through this!


Posted by: Pat Monks