Coronavirus (COVID-19) Court Operation Guidance

Apr 05, 2020

Court Operation Guidance

Issued 4/2/2020

New Emergency Order Issued by Supreme Court

Please be aware of the emergency order issued since our last guidance:

Eighth Emergency Order (Issued April 1) – amends the First Emergency Order to delay all deadlines regarding service and statute-of-limitations in civil cases that fall from March 13 through June 1 until June 1. The order does not affect deadlines for filing appeals or other appellate proceedings, but the order notes that requests for any such relief from those deadlines should be generously granted by the particular court.

Court of Criminal Appeals suspends Rules of Judicial Education to permit online education
The Court of Criminal Appeals issued an emergency order on March 30 that suspends all sections of the Rules of Judicial Education that require live, continuous hours of judicial education that would in any way prevent a judge from completing the required number of judicial education hours during this disaster. The order permits judges to obtain education hours by electronic means, including on-demand/online webinars and audio or video recorded from live seminars.

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Posted by: Pat Monks