The Cost of Road Rage: Surprising Statistics About Aggressive Driving

Mar 01, 2020

We’ve all had those moments behind the wheel; maybe it’s after a long day of work or perhaps it happens after sitting in traffic for too long. But at some point, we have all felt aggravated by other drivers on the road. We’ve wanted to react aggressively, and we may have actually lashed out.

Even though the term “road rage” is relatively new, incidents of aggressive driving and anger behind the wheel have been around almost as long as the automobile itself.

And, while the vehicles we drive have become safer and the roads we drive on have been greatly improved, the way we’re behaving on those roads has become more dangerous.

In fact, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that in a single year, nearly 80% of drivers admit to having feelings of anger and exhibiting some sort of aggressive behavior behind the wheel.

When traffic and bad tempers collide, the situation can escalate quickly. In too many cases, they can turn dangerous — and even deadly.

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Posted by: Pat Monks