Driving In Fear: Unpaid Tickets, Spiraling Debt And A Fort Worth Court’s Plan To Help

Feb 16, 2020

These days, when Ashley Bryant drives around in her black Nissan, she does it without the anxiety she carried for six years whenever she got behind the wheel.

“Every time I’d do this, I’d get in the car and I’d be like, ‘God, please cover me, that no police are going to get me today,’” she says.

Bryant used to have a bit of a lead foot, she says, and by 2012, she’d racked up half a dozen tickets. She’s a certified nursing assistant, and simply couldn’t afford to pay the tickets. When she didn’t, she ended up with an arrest warrant from the Fort Worth Municipal Court. Her license was suspended. Every drive – to get groceries, to pick up her kids – was stressful.

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Posted by: Pat Monks