No Money Bail Won Houston Battle on Misdemeanors

Sep 08, 2019

On Friday, September 6, 2019, 9:23 AM, BAILMAN(sm) INFO <> wrote:

When the suit was filed in Houston the No Money bail folks were betting that the case would never go to trial.  They hoped one of three things would happen.  They hoped that the suit would cause the Texas Legislature would change the law; that the Federal Courts would adopt their theory; or reach a settlement that would shape a no money system to their likening despite the law.

They now have in Houston (at least for 7 years)a no money system to their likening despite the law.  The only persons who profited are the Lawyers and the Arnold Foundation. They made millions.

They will use and hope the settlement will compel other systems to adopt their plan. This is where the next battle for the bail industry will be joined.  Lets hope the bail industry will change its plans to one that works rather than one which produces settlements like this.  We can do it but do we have the will?

Posted by: Pat Monks