Driver’s role in ‘driverless trucks’ explored in GATS panel

Sep 08, 2019

Paul Schlegel of Starsky Robotics, the company’s senior vice president of trucking operations, joined’s co-founder Ognen Stojanovski in a panel at the Great American Trucking Show with something of a provocative subject at its heart: the driver’s role with the “driverless” trucks of the future. The discussion came nearing the end of a federal comment period on autonomous truck technologies and whether the regulatory environment needed adjustment to account for testing and operation on public roads. That comment period closes August 28.

Moderated by Overdrive Equipment Editor/CCJ Editor Jason Cannon, one of the panel’s central themes was voiced early on by Stojanovski: The reality that, as he put it, “there is no software that has the experience and instincts that a driver has.”

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Posted by: Pat Monks