The new court costs for traffic tickets is clear as Mud

Jun 17, 2019

This last session the legislature amended the court costs in HB 2048 and SB 346.  HB 2048 eliminated the punitive civil surcharges that had almost 634, 000 Texas Drivers held hostage.  On September 1st,  more than 350,000 of these people will be eligible for immediate reinstatement.  The bad news is the court increases up on Traffic ticket $ 50.00 a case.  And the fines on DWIs is through the roof.  Which only proves that civil penalties for traffic tickets are useless as a deterrent to safety issues.

Another bill SB 346 was also signed by the Governor which increases other court costs beginning January 1, 2020.  There may be an additional cost of $12.00 or $62.00 to the existing court costs.  This is a huge paradigm shift the traffic ticket practice.   By the first of next year, the cost may increase from $ 62.00 to $ 112.00 additional costs depending on how you read these statutes together.

The public is going to be shocked and surprised that cost may have gone up 50% to 100%. And this is only the tax charged by the state. So that easy deferred disposition that you processed for your client is now going to be a nightmare.  The Brightside is undocumented workers and CDL drivers won’t be phased.

Posted by: Pat Monks