The 25th annual CLE of the Traffic Lawyers of Texas

Sep 04, 2017

This year’s Conference for the Traffic Lawyers of Texas was held in San Marcos, Texas at Dick’s Classic Car Museum.  The museum is a highlight of this famous Texas vacation spot.  The museum hosts a car museum of over 100 vintage cars from the Stanley steamer to cars of the ‘60s.  It’s one of the few museums that is in possession of one of the 50 Tuckers ever made.

This 7-hour conference was sponsored by the Traffic Lawyers of Texas (formerly known as the Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas.)  The Traffic Lawyers have been visited by the GLSA over the years.  Back in 2008, Bill Go and Larry Stahl spoke at their Galveston, Conference and recruited 20 provider members at this meeting.  Keri Norris spoke in San Antonio in 2015, And Jean Clausen in 2016 in Galveston.

This year, Sarah Kierny of Riggs Abney and Matt Davidson of Fort Worth spoke on behalf of the GLSA.  The seminar covers all aspects of Traffic and Trucking law in The State of Texas.  The practical Voire Dire Demonstration was a big hit.  Along with the presentation by Judge of Acuna of the new bail bond law.

The conference finished with a speech from Kirby Taylor about practicing law with personal diversity.  Kirby was the victim of a crime.  Two years ago, Kirby asked a house guest to leave his house.  This guest was a young man that he had known for years and was trying to help get on his feet.  The young man returned to the house and poured a 2-gallon can of gas on Kirby and his son.  Kirby’s son perished in the assault.  Kirby was burned over 30% of his body and survived.  The Traffic Lawyers came to Kirby’s aid in charitable donations.  But mostly in covering his docket for free.  While Kirby was in the Hospital this last year, the lawyers of The TLOT covered all of most of Kirby’s docket’s free of charge.   Kirby spoke before the group to say how he practiced law during personal diversity.  His answer was Good People and prayer.

The conference finished with the best CLE every presented to the group.  It was one of the best attended conferences with over 100 attendees all looking forward to coming back next year.  And many are interested in attending New Orleans to learn more about this Group Legal Plan Stuff.  If you are interested in looking at the groups materials go to .

Posted by: Pat Monks