Traffic Lawyers of Texas could be a state bar section

Aug 17, 2017

The State Bar of Texas Municipal Judges Section is currently reviewing  its section status.  The Council Officers and Directors are contemplating a revision the section’s By Laws for membership.  Currently, to be a member of the section you must be an attorney in good standing with the State of Bar of Texas and a current Municipal Court Judge in Texas.  The Council desires to change the By Laws and allow any member of State of Texas in good standing to join with no restrictions of being a current/past/retired Municipal Court Judge.  If you are interested in joining this revised section, Municipal/Justice Law Section, please sign this petition and give your name, state bar number, address, email address, telephone number.  All signed petitions will be forwarded to Judge David O. Fraga, Treasurer of State Bar of Texas Municipal Judges Section, 1400 Lubbock, Room 214, Houston, Texas 77002 or email to  These signed petitions will be presented to the State Bar of Texas staff the level of state wide interest for the creation of the proposed section.

Posted by: Pat Monks