Avvo has called it wrong with their Marketing fees scam

Jul 03, 2017

Just recently, Avvo was called down on their deposit scam system.  For the past year, Avvo has pussed a program that allows Avvo to capture the fee for the Attorney, then  pay the attorney after the service is performed.  Avvo retained a marketing fee for this service.  I called down the Avvo executive when I first heard about it in Key West, Florida.  This plan was no plan at all except to control attorneys.  Imagine if someone referred you a ticket, then said I'm holding the money until the case is dismissed.  Oh, and by the way, I'm taking a cut of the fee.  Well the state of New Jersey as stuck down this practice as fee splitting.  And I'm sure more States are to follow.  If you are doing business with AVVO under this arrangment, beware.  It's fee splitting. This will catch up with Texas soon enought.

Posted by: Pat Monks