Event: Traffic Lawyers of Texas Summer Ethics

Sat, Aug 15, 2020
10:00 am

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Robert Bennett

COVID STRESS: How to Recognize It and Work Through It

  1. Introduction of Speaker Addie Wieland- by Caroline Ortego
  2. Brief explanation of the inspiration for this talk- how clients experiencing stress and grief affect representation- by Caroline Ortego
  3. Overview of COVID Stress/Grief and how to recognize it in yourself and othersby Addie Wieland
  4. Why people might be reacting differently to COVID stress than to normal stressby Addie Wieland
  5. What you can do about it- by Addie Wieland
  6. Interactive exercise- by Addie Wieland
  7. Q&A


Contact Information: Contact Information: Pat Monks, 713-899-4628